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About US

We are the only association of industrialists engaged in the business of manufacture and export of coconut- based substrates. We are product has more than 100 entities in our membership covering small, medium, and large scale players in terms of production and export volumes. The membership is equally open for limited liability companies, partnerships, and proprietorships. As the substrates industry burgeoned and flourished, it became clear of the need of a collective voice to represent the industrialists. The popping up industry-specific challenges made the formation of an association of industrialists imperative. As the culmination of all these needs of the moment, the formal association was formed in 2012 with the name of “EXPORTER ASSOCIATION OF COCONUT BASED SUBSTRATES” with six founder members as director of it. Since then the association has been growing in strength in terms of membership and its recognition by the coconut industry and relevant government as the professional body, which duly and legally represents the coconut-substrates industry. The association has actively represented interests of coconut-based industry in particular and coconut industry in general in various forums where the intervention of industrialized was decisive in finding timely solutions the industry is facing. One of our major achievement is act as the catalyst in 2019 in getting all stakeholders in the coconut industry into a common forum to initiate

Our Objective

We are an association registered under Companies Act No 7 of 2007 and has below-mentioned broader objective.

(A) To promote and foster industrial growth and harmony amongst establishments and undertakings of coconut industry in general and coconut based substrates industry in particular and protect the interest of entrepreneurs, investors and persons connected with industrial undertakings established within the industry in Sri Lanka for Export & Local market.

(B) To represent and express the opinions of the entrepreneurs and investors of the industry on matters relating industries and to assist and cooperate or seek assistance from the Government, its agencies and/or any other agencies or institutions which are engaged in promoting the growth of industries.

(C) To foster fellow feeling and co-operation among industrialists and consumers in matters of common interest and to promote and take all steps as may be necessary to expand the manufacture, sale and export of products Industry.

The association has an Executive Committee comprising of not more than twenty-five members selected by the general membership in the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee is vested with wide powers, authorities and responsibilities in formulating and implementing strategic and policy decisions as well as managing day-to-day activities of Association





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